Energy Management Software

RUMM’s (Remote Utility Monitoring & Management) total energy management solution is a unique scheme combining upfront consultation and planning with sophisticated data collection and clever analytical software to create a bespoke solution – a blue print tailored to each company’s individual needs. RUMM’s overall mission is to achieve savings for all of its clients. It brings leading academic research on energy management into a reality that delivers the win / win of significant cost savings and corporate responsibility.

It has a proven methodology to deliver these results using its proprietary products. Since its launch, RUMM has already helped clients across the UK, Europe and USA save millions both in terms of costs and CO2 tonnes.

RUMM helps you:

conform to the CRC EES (Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme) legislation
– maintain your current position with the CCA (Climate Change Agreement) and EU ETS (European Union Emissions Trading Scheme)
– achieve site wide visualisation, reporting, analysis, benchmarking & alarming across one/multiple sites
– clearly demonstrate corporate responsibility
– Will give you  Energy Management Software
– significantly reduce your utility consumption and associated costs

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