Memorial Headstones make a wonderful tribute to a loved one


Memorial Headstones are a wonderful way to pay a tribute to your loved one with a lasting legacy.  Choose form one of the many designs available from Celtic Cross with rustic finish and raised panel for lettering or Buff Limestone with sun and cloud design. There is something that suits everyone.

An emotional choice at a time of grief, allow Lodge Brothers sympathetic staff assist with your decisions and help ease the burden.

Lodge Brothers  have over a hundred years experience and are the family you can turn to in time of grief

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RUMM Energy Management Solutions & Savings – In partnership with RPC

The RPC Group is Europe’s leading manufacturer of rigid plastic packaging. With just under 50 autonomous sites in 12 countries, the company employs in excess of 6,500 people.

RUMM was asked to investigate energy usage at RPC’s Llantrisant plant and provide solutions and suggestions for reducing the annual energy bill.

Following the completion of the aM&T system, where 17 meters were installed across the site, a benchmarking exercise then took place in order to ascertain where energy was being used and equally where it was being used non-efficiently. (energy management UK)

RUMM and RPC then engaged in an energy management partnership to achieve savings. This included regular weekly meetings to discuss options that could save the company money.

Site analysis was carried out based on production output, SEC and this was benchmarked to reduce consumption.

As a result of the measures put in place, energy consumption in the first 5 months dropped from 1354528 kWh to 1131995 kWh, with specific energy consumption reducing by 14%. This equated to a £120k saving in the first year alone.

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Marquees for sale are available in a range of sizes and a range of qualities

Marquees for sale are available in a range of sizes and a range of qualities. The better quality marquees use thicker steel framework (34mm upwards) and PVC covers rather than PE or poly/PVC. The weight of the PVC material used on the marquees (measured in gsm -grams per square metre) is an indication of the thickness but not the quality, the true strength of PVC comes from the inner core material before it is coated.

When looking to buy a marquee as well as looking at the materials used you should also look at the design and functionality of the marquee. With a good design additional bracing can make a marquee stronger eliminating the need for a thicker framework. Having interchangeable side panels can give much greater functionality so a marquee can be tailored for any site on which it is erected.

Throughout the world marquees are referred to as party tents but in the UK the term party tents usually refers to smaller marquees 3m, 4m or 6m wide made from steel tube. Party tent style marquees can usually offer a stronger but more economical alternative to traditional larger marquees – party tents for sale

Marquee accessories like linings, lighting and flooring can transform a marquee from a shelter to an impressive temporary structure suitable for any party or event. It is worth researching the availability of replacement parts to ensure you will not be let down in the future for the want of one damaged component.

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Visit the Liberty department store in London

An architect called Norman Foster designed the 45 m City Hall that was built in 2002, that serves as the headquarters for the Greater London Authority (GLA). The Greater London Authority comprises the Mayor of London and the London Assembly.  The City Hall is situated in the south bank of River Thames- yet again another reason as to why Holiday Lets London suggests to visit the South bank of River Thames, as the area is markedly studded with interesting tourist attractions in London. The south bank of River Thames holds the Tower Bridge, Millennium and is closer to the Battersea Park. The City Hall was built after two years of existence of the Greater London Authority.  Prior to the City Hall the Greater London Authority, for its two years of existence was based at the Romney House in Westminster. The City Hall was not built for the purpose of the Greater London Authority but has been leased for 25 years to the GLA. The total amount in cost for construction for this modern building was £43 million. The City Hall does not overlook or authorize any city as it is constantly in the midst of confusion for the City of London. The headquarters for City of London is based at the Guildhall.

Many of our clients who visit the City Hall state that the City Hall is the best that they have seen with beautiful views of the glass offices where River Thames overlooks the Tower Bridge and the Tower of London. Apartments Westfield London recommends whilst visiting the City Hall to visit the Tower of London, the ancient mechanisms of Tower Bridge and the serene St James Park that overlooks Buckingham and the St James Palace.Apartments West London self-catering accommodation is closely located to these intriguing tourist attractions mentioned above.

In order to plan an efficient and economical trip with comfortable stay, check out ourApartments near Westfield London self-catering accommodation.

Knowall IT offer outstanding IT support for small/medium businesses

KNOWALL IT are pleased to announce the launch of .UK domain names.

The New shorter, sharper .uk domain became available on 10th June 2014.

With over 50,000 registrations within the first 24 hours, this is one of the fastest selling new domain releases on record.

The .uk is set to become the new standard for UK based websites as businesses look for a short memorable domain with the popular and trusted .uk ending.

Knowall Managed IT are leaders in the IT industry, they have a passion and drive to keep ahead of the market, always looking for ways to increase knowledge and leading edge technology. Their clients can be assured their professionalism and dedication is key. Trust Knowall IT with all your company’s IT requirements such as getting your company on the cloud with cloud computing.

Read about Knowall Managed IT Cloud computing services available:

Private enterprise cloud London for small businesses that is flexible, always available, secure and limitlessness scalable – built on an enterprise infrastructure dedicated exclusively for your organization.

Knowall IT Private enterprise cloud London for SMEs works as a partner to your organisation, tailoring each cloud solution to fit in with your business requirements.

Our solutions enable businesses to host their entire IT infrastructure in the cloud, including line of business applications such as MS Office, SQL Databases, Sage, Access accounts etc. – enabling a truly flexible, agile, resilient IT platform that is cost efficient and requires minimal IT management resource.

Our Cloud platforms are all fully redundant and hosted in UK tier 3 data centres.

Click here to find out more about Private Cloud and cloud computing.

Do you need help in the area of sexuality?

The objective of the Tantric Journey treatment is to awaken the Kundalini  also called Sexual  energy of a woman.  With the essence the treatment being  female ejaculation, which is the expulsion of negative female sexual energy during emotional release therapy.  The topic of female ejaculation has been a hotly debated topic in sex therapy circles and although it is a subject that is prone to much mythology; there are supporting researches to state it is not incontinence or a defect of a woman,  but instead a natural process  that every woman is anatomically capable of.  Mal has done abundant research on female ejaculation and its benefits. In addition to his research he has plenty of immediate experience and knowledge on positive outcomes  of female ejaculation through his vast clientele.

Key to the success of Tantric Journey is Mal Weeraratne respect and understanding of his client’s needs and condition. The treatments are performed in a safe and secure environment at a pace that is defined and agreed by the client.  Mal says , ‘’I can appreciate the fact, that for many people it may be scary to start this journey. Tantric Journey is similar to taking off in a space shuttle. It’s very noisy at the beginning, making the whole earth vibrate and with plenty of smoke around. But as it goes up into the blue sky through the dark and gloomy clouds, it becomes less and less noisy and uncomfortable. When it enters space it really becomes a smooth, effortless, pleasurable journey.’’

The treatment is a culmination of Tantric Bodywork, breathing techniques, body movement and sound therapy, but it starts with a long consultation where you can discuss, What you wish to achieve from the session, What your fears are and What your boundaries are.  It can be difficult to face the  Fear – Guilt – Shame – Anger – Mistrust that are at the root of sexual dysfunction, but living in a perpetual state of anxiety, feeling concern about sexual performance,  encountering  relationship problems, living with depression, feelings of guilt, or the effects of a past sexual trauma is not conducive to a happy life. All women have the right to freedom from sexual dysfunction and a fulfilling love life.

Give a special gift to your loved one

Are you looking for a gift for a couple who have everything? Perhaps its their anniversary or wedding and you need a special unique gifts?

Have you traipsed the high street and exclusive shops and still haven’t found what you are looking for? Look no further The Travelling Souk have brought the High Street to you, where you can shop at your own leisure in the comfort of your home where there aren’t hundreds of people and you don’t need to make any hasty decisions which alleviates any unnecessary pressure.

They have a large selection of products which you more than likely will not find on the high street which gives you peace of mind that the person or people will not receive duplicate gifts.

From household to children’s toys they have hundreds of unusual gifts and original gifts to choose from.

Silverware Silverware Tablemats and Coasters Pictures, Prints & Posters

Top Gear Presenters incredible show

TOP GEAR FESTIVAL was greatly anticipated in Durban, South Africa in June. Thought to be the last Top Gear South Africa Show in Durban an estimated hundreds of thousands of people had been looking forward to the show.

We managed to get some of the last few tickets available and decided to head down to see what the excitement was all about. From the time we arrived there the event was fantastic. The entire show was very well supported and organised making it a flagship event for Durban which not often gets international shows or stars. Security was tight which added to the sense of the show being a large event.

Needless to say my son enjoyed every moment of hearing screeching tyres and burning rubber with the street circuit show. The adrenaline and thrill to be there was electric.

The actual show with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and The Stig was brilliant and had us laughing the entire way through.

A truly splendid experience and one which we will support next year should they return.

The largest marquee hire in the UK

Are you having a summer wedding and looking for the perfect venue? Summer is the perfect time to have a special marquee wedding which you can decorate with any theme. You can even hire Catering Marquees.

Marquee Hire has the UK largest selection of party marquees for hire offering a personal service with a great range of excellent quality marquees, scrumptious catering with a friendly and helpful team of service staff together with all the necessary equipment including a variety of dance floors, a huge selection of furniture, specialist sound and lighting and luxury toilets.

Marquee Hire has an extensive quality product range covering all aspects of the marquee hire business. You can be assured that you will get exceptional quality and service.

Find out more by clicking here Marquee hire West Sussex

Official Opening Ceremony was held at Lodge Brothers Cobham

Lodge Brothers arrange a funeral Cobham have been serving the community for over 100 years and constantly expanding their vision of the business making it more accessible to everyone. They are delighted to have recently opened a branch in Cobham, Surrey. They understand the importance of arranging a funeral the way ‘you would like it” especially with their floral tributes Cobham. They also understand the last thing a grieving person wants to do is travel far and wide to find the service excellence they offer. A special Service of Dedication and Official Opening Ceremony was held at Lodge Brothers Cobham.

On Thursday 15th May, Lodge Brothers held the Official Opening Ceremony of their new branch in Cobham.

A short Service of Dedication was held in the Chapel, performed by local ministers Reverend Robert Jenkins of St Andrews Church Cobham and Father Anthony Cadwallader of the Josephite Community Church Weybridge. Afterwards, a commemorative plaque was unveiled by His Worshipful the Mayor of Elmbridge Councillor Mike Bennison.

As it was such a glorious day, guests were then able to enjoy a canapé buffet and drinks both inside and outside the branch.

Robert Lodge explained, “A funeral is the last act you can carry out on behalf of a loved one, and we understand the importance of providing the highest level of care, compassion and professionalism at our clients time of need. Our family has been serving local communities for 230 years, and Cobham is particularly close to the heart of the Lodge family, as most of us grew up in close proximity.
We were very pleased to see so many familiar faces at the ceremony, and look forward to our continued work in the community”.

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Check out this fabulous sale on pagodas

DIY Marquee is thrilled to announce they have some cheap marquee for sale on ebay. They are clearing out some pagoda marquees and selling cheaply on eBay, the pagodas are excellent quality and have 2.3m legs. Have a look at this : 7x7m Pagoda Marquee for sale on eBay.

the diy party tent range

Watch this space for more exciting special offers and sale on various marquees and more.

Some other interesting information and advice from DIY Marquee:

Hiring a marquee isn’t always straight forward; lots of factors need to be considered such Marquee Flooring and lighting.

Our marquee flooring packages are designed to be easy to lay whilst giving one of the best finishes available in a marquee using new carpet, available in red, green or honey beige.

Included in each package is a non-breathable underlay, this is placed underneath the carpet when laying to prevent the build up of condensation during your event (grass gives off a lot of water vapour if not covered). Grass is very tough so covering for a week or so will not generally cause any harm.

The marquee flooring is simply nailed in place -hammer, nails, cutting knife and a tool belt are included in the package. Watch our marquee flooring video to see how easy it is to lay.

This is the flooring and method of laying used by most of the marquee hire industry.

Our carpet packages include:

  • One (or more) 2m wide rolls of carpet in red, green or honey beige
  • Waterproof underlay (may require folding to fit your size of marquee)
  • 6″ nails, hammer, cutting knife and tool belt
  • Instructions (as with all DIY Marquee products)

DIY Marquee has a large range of DIY Party Tent which offers excellent value for money. If you need s temporary structure then opt for the DIY Party Tent option and you won’t go wrong. DIY Marquee boasts one of the best value PE structures available on the market today.

Simple designs and easy to erect, speak to DIY Marquee today.

Travel through London and enjoy the attractions

Royal Albert Hall

Since 1941 the Royal Albert Hall has been known to hold the annual summer Proms. The hall is located on the northern edge of South Kensington. The hall can hold upto 5,272 seats depending on the stage arrangements. The Royal Albert Hall is one of UK’s most valued and distinctive buildings since its opening in 1871 by Queen Victoria. The world’s leading artists have from all genres have performed at the Royal Albert Hall.

Initially the hall was to be named The Central Hall of Arts and Science but gained its name Royal Albert Hall by Queen Victoria who named it after her deceased husband. Another attraction site that Holiday Lets London can recommend to visit that Queen Victoria built in memory of her fond deceased husband is the Albert Memorial.

Holiday Lets London can recommend other similar attractions sites of same interest and nature such as the O2 Arena an indoor entertainment centre of the most modern sort. Also Holiday Lets London recommends Leicester Square which is supposedly the ‘cinema land’ of London.

The BBC Promenade concerts founded in 1895 have been continuously held at the Royal Albert Hall ever since the Queen’s Hall during an air raid. The Proms are supposedly the world’s largest and most democratic music festival.

Roger Daltrey of The Who has been passionately involved in the events taken place by the Teenage Cancer Trust held since the 2000s. For over 20 years Eric Clapton has regularly played at the Hall. Shirley Bassey has had many guest appearances at the Royal Albert Hall where she also sang Happy Birthday to the 80th year of Duke of Edinburgh.

The Royal Albert Hall has won many awards from different categories. From 1994 to 1998 and in 2003 the Hall won ‘International Venue of The Year’. From 2008 to 2012 the Hall was voted Superbrands leading Leisure and Entertainment Destination. As many as Britain’s popular attraction sites either get into poems, books, movies, documentaries or songs; Royal Albert Hall has had its popular moment of popular integration. In the song A Day in the Life by the ever famous Beatles, Albert Hall was mentioned. Holiday Lets London provide first class accommodation that is accessible for tourist who are wanting Flats for rent near London Eye.

Call or email our Holiday Lets London staff to effectively plan your visit to London and inform yourself of all the attraction sites you wish to visit. Our Holiday Lets London staff can help you accommodate you into our classy self catering accommodation that can mount up to 8 persons in one London holiday studio. If you are looking for Short term apartments for rent in London click here

location de vacances à londres

Royal Albert Hall

Depuis 1941, le Royal Albert Hall a été appelé à tenir les Proms annuels d’été . La salle est située sur la bordure nord de South Kensington . La salle peut contenir JUSQU’À 5272 sièges en fonction des accords d’étape. Le Royal Albert Hall est l’un des plus précieux et distinctifs des bâtiments de Royaume-Uni depuis son ouverture en 1871 par la reine Victoria . Plus grands artistes du monde ont de tous genres ont joué au Royal Albert Hall .

Initialement, la salle devait être nommé le hall central des arts et de la science , mais a obtenu son nom de Royal Albert Hall par la reine Victoria, qui lui donna le nom de son mari défunt . Un autre site d’attraction que locations de vacances à Londres peut vous recommander de visiter que la reine Victoria construit en mémoire de son défunt mari aime est l’Albert Memorial .

Locations vacances londres centre peut recommander d’autres attractions sites similaires de même intérêt et la nature tels que l’O2 Arena un centre de divertissement à l’intérieur de l’espèce la plus moderne . Aussi Locations de vacances Londres recommande Leicester Square qui est censé être le «cinéma terrain » de Londres .

Les concerts BBC Promenade fondée en 1895 ont eu lieu en permanence au Royal Albert Hall depuis Hall de la Reine lors d’un raid aérien . Les Proms sont soi-disant festival de musique grand et le plus démocratique du monde .

Roger Daltrey de The Who a été passionnément impliqué dans les événements survenus par le Teenage Cancer Trust lieu depuis les années 2000 . Pour plus de 20 ans Eric Clapton joue régulièrement à l’Hôtel . Shirley Bassey a eu de nombreuses apparitions au Royal Albert Hall, où elle a également chanté Joyeux anniversaire à la 80e année du duc d’Édimbourg .

Le Royal Albert Hall a remporté de nombreux prix de différentes catégories . De 1994 à 1998 et en 2003, la salle a remporté « Lieu international de l’année ». De 2008 à 2012, la salle a été voté Superbrands leader Loisir et Divertissement Destinations . Autant que les sites d’attraction populaires de Grande-Bretagne , soit entrer dans des poèmes, des livres, des films, des documentaires ou des chansons ; Royal Albert Hall a eu son moment populaire d’intégration populaire . Dans la chanson Un jour dans la vie par les célèbres Beatles jamais , Albert Hall a été mentionné .

Appelez-nous ou envoyez- nous locations vacances londres personnel de planifier efficacement votre visite à Londres et vous informer de tous les sites d’attraction que vous souhaitez visiter . Notre personnel locations de vacances à Londres peut vous aider à vous accueillir dans notre établissement gîte chic qui peut monter jusqu’à 8 personnes dans un studio location de vacances à londres.