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RUMM your best energy management solutions

RUMM Energy Management Solutions UK and systems are committed to the environment with a passionate qualified group of professionals bringing you the latest in technology through their innovative systems and solutions allowing companies to reduce energy and save money. The effects of this are far reaching and go a long way towards helping to save […]

Save the planet

Save energy, save the planet and reduce your costs. Set the blue print for your company with RUMM the leaders in energy management solutions. Their mission is to achieve savings for all of its clients using their energy saving systems which are unique for each client. Take corporate responsibility seriously and rely on the experts […]

Energy Management Software

RUMM’s (Remote Utility Monitoring & Management) total energy management solution is a unique scheme combining upfront consultation and planning with sophisticated data collection and clever analytical software to create a bespoke solution – a blue print tailored to each company’s individual needs. RUMM’s overall mission is to achieve savings for all of its clients. It […]