Personalize a Memorial Service

If one of your loved ones has passed and you’re looking to make the memorial service / celebration of life a special one then we suggest some things you can do to remember your loved one.

  1. Name tags – Creating name tags for your guests come in handy especially when most of them will be elderly and it’ll be convenient for them when they can’t remember names.  Make sure the font is bold and large so that it can be read from afar as most people won’t know eachother.  You can either create your own stationary or get from a stationary store.  A great idea for the name tag is to include an area that asks; How I knew:  Sister/Brother/Met at Book Club.
  1. Memory table – This is another great idea for people attending the Memorials to remember the loved one who has passed.  Have the table near the entrance near the name tag table so that guests can look at the personal belongings while waiting to fill in a name tag.  The table can include personal things on it such as items they’ve knitted if they were into knitting, pictures of their live, etc. You can include any items from their hobbies such as photo’s, clippings, golf score cards, etc. This doesn’t cost anything but adds a really special element to the celebration of life!

For more ideas or to enquire on our Headstones & Memorials please visit our website.

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