Unique Gifts For Women

Women claim that they are easy to buy for, men claim they never know what gift to get their woman. Well gentlemen, here’s a little tip from us; anything unusual, unique and interesting will usually go down a treat. We all love to have something different that will generate conversation (and envy) among our friends and house guests. This stunning Hurricane Lamp is a perfect example! They have a stone base which is sturdy yet decorative and the beautiful glass vase can be filled with either candles, flowers or something even more creative. They come in 3 sizes and start from just £35. Small Hurricane LampMedium Hurricane Lamp,Large Hurricane Lamp.

For an even more unique gift, take a look at this stunning Palm Tree Lamp. The unusual design is crafted from tobacco coloured metal and when lit provides an exotic ambiance in any room. It is perfect for someone whose home has a Caribbean style and would also not look out of place within a more traditional interior.

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