How to Install Engineered Hardwood Flooring – Part 1

Part 1

As engineered hardwood flooring is made up of several layers it is more dimensionally stable than solid flooring such as Solid American Black Walnut Flooring.  Engineered Hardwood Floors can be installed on above, or below grade floors some of these methods of installation include:

  • Can be nailed down – this can be nailed directly to the subfloor.
  • Can be affixed with adhesives, even directly to concrete.
  • Floating Method: This is a much simpler method of installing engineered hardwood flooring.  Planks are glued together and the entire floor “floats” over the subfloor.

We’re going to focus on the method of gluing the planks down.  Make sure you use an adhesive specific for the use of wooden flooring such as Bona R850 Wood Adhesive.

There are 2 methods when it comes to using an adhesive:

Wet Method: this is where the adhesive is “wet” when the planks are applied.  These are then applied as soon as the adhesive is down.

Dry Method: this is where the adhesive is applied, then allowed to “flash” or set.  The adhesive is left to set for a period of time before the planks are applied.

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