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Eco Homes Can Be Luxurious As Well As Green

Eco homes can be luxurious as well as green Creating an eco home can seem at odds with luxury. For too long, the eco movement has been associated with the anti-consumerist ‘woolly jumper brigade’, and eco homes seen as ugly prefabricated buildings which put function ahead of aesthetics. But the perception of the eco home […]

Eco Home

4 reasons to commission a UK furniture craftsman to create eco furniture for your eco home These days with eco consciousness rising, there’s a wide variety of eco furniture to choose from. But sometimes it can still be difficult to find a specific piece you’re looking for. Maybe you need a dining table to be […]

Eco-Designer Home

What is an Eco home? An eco home is a sustainable, healthy and environmentally friendly home which uses sustainable building methods, materials, energy, heating and water conservation methods. Why Make your home an Eco Home? There are many reasons to make an eco home, making changes now and adopting a more environmentally friendly way of living, can […]