Eco-Designer Home

What is an Eco home?

An eco home is a sustainable, healthy and environmentally friendly home which uses sustainable building methods, materials, energy, heating and water conservation methods.

Why Make your home an Eco Home?

There are many reasons to make an eco home, making changes now and adopting a more environmentally friendly way of living, can bring both long and short term health benefits.
For example, making your home an eco home,  can reduce your exposure to pollutants because there are fewer toxins in the air from paint, carpeting and furniture due to alternative eco interior choices being readily available.

‘Eco homes help combat climate change and global warming and improving the global environment means that we need to change to an eco friendlier lifestyle in order to conserve our natural resources for future generations.

About Eco Design

Eco design is a way of thinking about design which takes into account the environmental impact of a product across its entire existence.

It includes the raw materials used, how the product is manufactured, how the product is retailed, how the product is used and what happens to the product at the end of its life.  This approach is know as ‘life cycle thinking.’

Who uses Eco Design?

Eco designers use the ‘life cycle thinking’ approach to create products which are designed to benefit the environment as well as people.  ‘Sustainable design’ practices that use less raw materials, cause less impact on the environment by being available locally and are less polluting and use recyclable materials are amongst the many different design criteria which they use to create products which are ‘ecologically friendly’.

Who are the Eco Designers?

Eco designers have great power to shape the future and save the earth.  Sustainability is being seen as an opportunity to do business differently.  Indeed, with the introduction of the EuP, Energy Using Product directive, it is becoming increasingly important to consider the design and life cycle impact of products.

This regulatory environment is obviously very important because lots of regulations in Europe will drive global standards.

Why Make an Eco Home?

There are 4 reasons to make an Eco Home:  the first is to save money, eco designed products are generally made with higher quality materials which are more hardwearing and are, therefore, replaced less often, this means that there is a cost saving with eco interior design over a longer period.

The second reason is that eco designed products tend to have a longer life because they are built to last, which saves environmental resources.  Thirdly, by using advances in technology we can now use eco-friendly appliances, water saving devices, solar powered lighting, movement activated switches, radiator insulation panels, etc. etc. to save energy and money.

Finally, an eco home brings benefits of better personal health and is an effective way to conserve our natural resources.

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