Our clients keep coming back for more…

When I came back up to Buty salon’s reception after my treatment I felt extremely invigorated, very relaxed and wonderfully light, maybe even with a feeling of floating. I literally felt ten years younger and I’m certainly not complaining – it’s obviously a great result! My skin was very soft and definitely looked more toned, and the combination of massage with the wrap certainly resulted in greater benefits than if each of these treatments had been done individually. It’s a 10/10 from me!

If you’d like to experience the Aroma Detox Envelopment treatment at Buty Salon then hurry, hurry! There’s 30% off until the end of February 2013 (bringing the price down to just £75), and when teamed with the G-5 Massage, you’ll be gliding down the street in no time… or Bring a friend and both get 50% off ANY one treatment at Buty Salon, click here for the promotional code: Waxing Fulham,Bikini WaxBrazilian bikini FulhamHollywood bikiniBikini London, Bikini wax Fulham and Hollywood bikini Fulham

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