Sexual Healing

Sexual Healing and Relationship Therapy are just two of the many alternative therapies offered at Buty Salon’s two branches: Hammersmith & Fulham.  These two beauty salons are run by Mal and his wife Sam.  Mal is a qualified massage therapist with 20 years of experience in body work and also knowledgeable to 21 different styles of massages. He treats sexual dysfunctions instigated by deeply rooted problems. Mal has helped to release many women from their negative emotional restraints and open a new gateway of self-actualization. As Mal says, “Tantric bodywork is my passion”.

His clients are through word of mouth and many of whom are thousands of women around the world.  Mal also travels around the world sharing and teaching, his knowledge on Tantra through presentations & master classes. Despite the harsh social judgment on the sexual arena, Mal has been able to retain his clients through sincere dedication.

To find out more about Sexual HealingRelationship Therapy contact Mal at Buty Salon.

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